Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25, 2006 Meeting Notes - New Supervisor Orientation

The meeting started out with a training for new County Board members. In case anyone is curious about how we get paid (it isn't much), we get $40 for any board, committee or other meeting under 4 hours long. For a meeting that goes over 4 hours or a meeting of the entire board, we get $60. The most that we can receive for any day is $60. So, if you have multiple meetings on the same day, you cannot get more pay.

We can claim mileage for travel to meetings at $.445 per mile. If we are traveling for county board business, we can get reimbursement for meals and hotels. Odd rule - we can only tip 15% and be reimbursed, if we tip more, we will not get the difference. Winnebago County will not reimburse for alcohol, so if you have a glass of wine with dinner, you can get dinner reimbursed, but not wine.

We are allowed to sign up for Winnebago County's group health and dental insurance plan, but we are to pay the full amount. We are also allowed to invest county board pay in the county's investment plan.

Payday is the 15th for board pay and can be direct deposited, expense reimbursement is by check only and is separate.


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