Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I agree with the Northwestern here...

I hope not to have difficulty getting a committee assignment. I am lucky enough to have flex-time with work to be able to work with my schedule.

by making a concession to evening or later afternoon committee meetings, the county may attract civic- minded residents who would be able to run for a supervisory seat. County supervisors could build a lot of credibility for government at 38 seats now by shifting their meeting times to become more accessible to working men and women.

I agree with that statement, however there are other things to think about. Are there committee members that cannot drive at night to be there? Where is the best place to hold the meeting?

Hopefully, the board members will look at a balance of member's and the public's needs when assigning members and scheduling meetings.

Hopefully they do not say that the time of the meeting should dictate the members.

I am looking forward to tonight's meeting. I have found board members to be responsive and flexible. I am excited to join them.


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