Thursday, May 04, 2006

County Court Commissioner

Here is an article about the open Court Commissioner position.

I see Mark Harris' line on keeping the position open to save money, however everyone I speak to in the courts says they are overworked. I tend to believe them.

I think if we are to cut, this would not be a good place to do it.

I have not seen the info that came to the Judiciary Committe yet, and need to look into this farther, but my gut tells me it is needed - and should have been in the budget for the entire year.

As I get more info, I will share it...

Also, sorry I do not yet have the notes from the May 2nd meeting posted yet. I have been swamped straight through. They should be up by Friday. It was mostly an informational meeting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is irresponsible to make a decision on this position at this time. Of course the position is needed. Did you really expect anyone in the courts to say it was not? I hope you are not that naive. Don't expect any department to say they can absorb cuts. Yet, tough cuts will have to be made. Is the position more important than a sheriffs deputy? More than a social worker? We need to prioritize what will be needed in the next budget cycle. We can not do that until we have adequate info. I side with Mr. Harris on this one.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:37 - all you need to do is review the guidelines set forth by the state for caseload and staffing. You will see that the courts are already overloaded. n fact the guideliness recommend at least one more position in Winnebago County. Our society is becoming more and more litigious but you want to cut a commissioner. Ridiculous. Mark Harris knows fll well it's not going to get cut. But this way he can still look good; like he's trying to make cuts. This position is needed and should not be cut.

9:24 PM  

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