Thursday, June 15, 2006

UPDATED - VOTE-PAD - Board Meeting on Voting Machines June 14th 5:00PM - County Courthouse

UPDATE - 6/12/06 - VOTE-PAD will be in attendance at the meeting.

I received the following confirmation today:

Dear Mr. Hall,

Yes, Dianna will be there, regardless of whether or not we are on the agenda. She will be delighted to answer your questions, even if we are only allowed the time during the public portion of the agenda. I hope some people there are actual people with disabilities who can take an experiential look at the Vote-PAD.


Ellen TheisenPresident, Vote-PAD, Inc.

Why was she concerned about being on the agenda? Because of the following email I received from Chair Albrecht:

Hi Jef,
I couldn't reach you by phone, so I thought I'd e-mail you about your request to have Vote Pad demonstrate their equipment at Wednesday's meeting.

I'm not going to put them on the agenda to demonstrate, but they are welcometo speak during the public portion of the meeting.

See you Wednesday.


Once again, please contact Chairman Albrecht and urge him to allow ALL vendors to have equal opportunity and access to our meeting.

His contact is, once again:
(920) 235-4959


The meeting to discuss the purchase of voting machines has been moved to the County Board chamber in the courthouse.

It will be a special orders meeting for the entire board.

As I get more info, I will update this post - I am forward dating it to the 15th to keep it on top - posts added until then will appear under this one.

UPDATE 6/1/06 - Here is the notice of the County Board Meeting.

It looks like the Northwestern is correct, and according to Chairman Albrecht's memo, we will be voting on this the 14th. As I pointed out below, this is against the wishes of the committees and the board.

UPDATE 5/31/06 - The Northwestern has more details of the meeting here.

If the article is proven correct, I 100% disagree with Chairman Albrecht's individual decision to invite Deibold only. The state has approved 4 different methods, to make an informed choice and best serve Winnebago County, we should see as many as possible.

If Chairman Albrecht does this, he will be going against the wishes of the IS Committee, one of the original sponsors of the program. We instructed the committee meeting to have multiple vendors here. It was also discussed to have multiple vendors in the Judiciary Committee meeting.

Also, the Judiciary and IS Committees set this meeting to be informational only. Mr. Albrecht seems to be going against the committee wishes as well for this. He is also going against the spirit of the board's discussion at the last meeting when we discussed sending this back to committees for fact-fining before the next regular board meeting.

I would urge anyone reading this to contact Chairman Albrecht and urge him to make this meeting what both committees and the board originally intended it to be, an informational session for both the board and the public.

Sunlight on these proceedings is needed.

Chairman Albrecht's email address is - his phone number is (920) 235-4959


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