Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Progress Oshkosh Launching County Board Size Referendum

From an email I received:

Progress Oshkosh has rescheduled "The Power Hour of Progress" to Wednesday, Sept 20th at the Algoma Club in downtown Oshkosh at 5:30PM. There are 4 items on the agenda:

1. Launch a Referendum drive for the Winnebago County Board. The Citizens Unite to Transform the Winnebago County Board (CUT Winnebago County Board) will begin their Referendum Drive for reducing the Size of the Winnebago County Board from 38 members to 19 members. (Presented by the CUT Winnebago County Board Committee)


1. How did they come up with the number 19?

2. Don't show up if you are a person with a disability - the Algoma Club is not accessible.


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