Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A view from a former County Board Member and Current County Employee:

A letter to the Oshkosh Northwestern:

County employees good value for taxpayers
As a newly minted homeowner (and landlord), I was stunned when I opened my first property-tax bill. Wow, that's a lot of money!

Then I considered what I'm paying for. From my nearly two decades with the county government in two branches, I'm convinced I'm getting my money's worth.
Winnebago County is frugal. Tax dollars are spent carefully and wisely. Your county government does what it should do — and must do — and no more. You are served by more than 1,000 dedicated employees. By the way, we're also your neighbors. And I gladly will pay for this vital work. I have extensive contacts in other local governments, and I'm convinced they also are careful with our money.

Cynics will say this is a self-serving letter from a guy who makes his living at taxpayers' expense, rather than seeking his fortune in a "real" job. But consider this: Without going into detail, I know precisely what I'm worth in the private sector. Yet I've chosen to remain a public servant and government employee. I am not "stuck" in a government job. I truly enjoy public service, and serve proudly.

My political record speaks for itself. I wouldn't sit quietly and watch tax dollars
get squandered. I know I'm getting my money's worth.

During the last two budget sessions, there was a lot of foolish talk of letting the government practically shut down just to see what would happen. That was the position of many of my fellow conservatives. But it's not conservative to let crime increase, poverty and other social ills balloon, schools crumble (ala California and Colorado) and streets turn to dust, only to realize the horrible mistake years later. The cost to fix neglect in the future would only multiply manifold. That's neither wise nor conservative.

Ron J. Montgomery Oshkosh


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that we get good value from the county for the services they provide, my only question is does the county have to provide all the services that it does.....

esp those that benifit mainly the townships like zoning

I would argue that the county should get completely out of the road business and let each community do their own for starters....then there is the airport, parks.......

8:31 AM  

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