Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Something District 17 Will Not Have to Worry About While I am the Supervisor:

A Winnebago County Board supervisor from Menasha took the NFL replay approach in studying the too-big-or-right-sized issue of county board size.

Paul Eisen went to the replay booth, so to speak.

Eisen, 63, an insurance broker elected in April, said he reviewed six months worth of Winnebago board meeting video tapes and an additional 10 hours of 2006 county budget hearings and reviews last fall.

His focus: Who was talking, questioning — just participating — in the 38-member County Board's debates? What were the numbers like? Was there diversity? "Diversity," meaning how many of the supervisors actually chimed in on the year's big issues, from a half-percent sales tax to a new county nursing home?

Were there some citizens whose elected or appointed rep never spoke up at all over the time period?

Here is the whole story.


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