Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do the Russian's Love Their Children, Too?

I don't know if anyone remembers this song from the 80's (I believe by Sting...), but the gist is that we will both (USA & USSR) have a future if we both love our children equally. This was the Cold War, after all.

I was reminded of this song while going over the agenda for this month's board meeting.

Specifically these 2 resolutions:

RESOLUTION NO. 144-12007: Authorize Construction of a Communication Arts Center at the UWFox Valley Campus at a Cost of $12,600,000 with Winnebago County's Share Being $5,300,000 and Fund County Portion Through Bonding
Submitted by:

ORDINANCE NO. 147-12007: Create Sec. 19.24(12), General Code of Winnebago County; Authorize Institution of Community Park Soccer Field Reservation Fees
Submitted by:

I believe these resolutions directly affect the (admittedly hyperbolic) question above.

Of course, Winnebago loves their children.

But, are we willing to invest in them? Are the board's priorities in line with the interests of our children?

The budget and how an organization spends it's resources is a higher statement of its morals and priorities than is any mission statement.

I believe in investing in Winnebago County's youth. I will vote for the theater and against the soccer fees.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jef :
I love the children in Winnebago County but I believe the State of Wisconsin should do what they do best and Winnebago County do and provide what it does best.

County maintaine a very good Parks system free for all and the State of Wiscosnin should be responsible for Higher Education is this state.

I beleive each level government should define or have defined to for them what services or programs that it provides.

1:07 PM  

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