Friday, July 07, 2006

The $2500 Sales Presentation

Here I am, filling out my Per Diem Report (a time card for County Board Supervisors) when it hits me.

We get paid $60 for full board meetings vs $40 for committee hearings. That means the 25 Supervisors present at the Diebold sales presentation last month were paid a total of $2100. This does not include the salaries of other county employees or other costs to having a meeting.

Was it really worth it to spend $2500 of County funds to see just one machine and not be allowed a real debate on the issue? Were the taxpayers and voters truly served by this fiasco?

Or was it one big waste of time and money?

It might have been worth it had the County Board Chair listened to the recommendation of the Judiciary and IS (of which I am a member) Committees and invited as many vendors as would attend. We could have gotten real information and accountability out to the public.

As it was, I would hope someone in the county would try to re-coup the money spent on this from Diebold.

It was their sales presentation, after all.



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