Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another step on the Hwy G/41 Interchange

Highway panel backs 41 interchange study
By Alex Hummel of The Northwestern

It would be years before drivers see the benefits, but Winnebago County's $72,800 for a study pinpointing a new U.S. Highway 41 interchange between Oshkosh and Neenah brings the project closer to reality.

The Winnebago County Highway Committee agreed unanimously Tuesday morning to use $72,800 from the sale of a Winchester highway garage property to match Neenah's funding for a key study to determine the need for and impact of a huge interchange at or near County Trunk G.

Highway and local government officials cite the need for a new U.S. 41 interchange between those at State Highway 76 and Breezewood Lane-Bell Street
because of traffic backups and the need to improve access to Neenah's southern industrial park.

Without the study, the project goes nowhere, county officials have stressed.


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